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Located just 5 minutes from Murayama train station in the middle of Yamagata prefecture we offer easy access to Yamagata's most famous cultural sites and its best kept secrets.


A place of rice fields, hot springs and mountains a world away from bustling Tokyo yet only 3 hours direct by bullet train. 



By bullet train, overnight bus or airplane it couldn't be easier to get here from Tokyo or Sendai.

The Yamagata Shinkansen (Tsubasa) arrives direct from Tokyo station. 

From Yamagata airport we can reserve you a taxi to Murayama for the special price of only 800 yen.

From Sendai the 48 Liner bus service departs regularly from bus stop number 23 in front of the Eden building close by Sendai station. 



To Yamadera

This mountain temple complex is famous for its combination of natural beauty and spiritual atmosphere.

Our local staff can direct you to the hidden spots that the tourists miss. 

From Murayama station local trains run to Yamadera station with a transfer at Uzen-Chitose. It takes around 1 hour, however transfer times may vary with the train schedule. 


To Ginzan Onsen

This picturesque and historic hot spring village is one of Yamagata's best loved. 

From Murayama station trains run regularly to Oishida only 2 stops away. From Oishida busses run directly to Ginzan Onsen. 

To enjoy the atmosphere of Ginzan Onsen in the evening, taxi busses run directly from Murayama to Ginzan Onsen for your convenience. Our staff can reserve a taxi-bus for you. 



​Mount Zao

Mount Zao is famous for its sulphurous hot springs, statuesque snow monsters, and stunning autumn leaves. Mount Zao is a must for nature lovers in all seasons. 

Trains to Yamagata City run regularly from Murayama station. From there a bus will take you up the mountain in around 35 minutes. 

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