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Known as the "Fruit Kingdom" Yamagata is famous for not only its delicious fruit, but everything from rice and sake to beef and seafood. Each season offers something to discover!   



Izakaya are traditional Japanese drinking establishments where you can enjoy a beer, some local sake and some good food for reasonable prices. Only a short 3 minute walk from the guesthouse you can find IzakayaN where you can relax and meet the locals in a typical local bar.




A trip to Japan wouldn't be complete without sushi, but don't worry, we have got you covered. Why not try Sushi Genta? Serving top quality fresh sushi less than 10 minutes walk from the guesthouse.


Soba noodles


Made from buckwheat flour, soba noodles have long been a staple of Yamagata farmers ever since the days when rice was too expensive for common people. From humble roots as peasant food, soba is now a gourmet treat thanks to the tireless work of master soba makers in perfecting this Japanese classic. Try Koshiki for authentic hand made soba.




Yakitori bars are quite similar to Izakaya, cheap places to eat, drink and hang out, that specialize in freshly grilled skewers of chicken. Whats not to love? Close by the guesthouse you can find Totoya or Kyuubei for all your yakitori needs.

​Western food


We understand, sometimes when you are travelling you just want a taste of home or something farmiliar. Don't worry, even in our small town in rural Tohoku you can find pizza, bagels, Italian food and we even have a McDonalds for if you are hungover or homesick!

Try Tesoro for good quality Italian food. 

At Link Murayama, where the guesthouse is situated we also have a coffee and bagel shop  Yamabagel and even a pizza shop Numa directly under the guesthouse!




Mochi is celebration food, typically eaten at new year but also to celebrate the end of rice planting, a successful harvest or a babys first steps. Made the traditional way by beating steamed rice with a wooden mallet, Shokudo Mochiyakata is the best place to try real handmade mochi with a wide variety of toppings. 




Have you ever tried a Gengis Khan? It's a style of lamb barbeque popularised first in Hokkaido. You can try this unique dish at the famous Hitsujiya restaurant where they serve their home grown lamb. 




You might not imagine that small town Japan would be the place to go for great coffee, but we hold our own pretty well! 

Head to Greenwood coffee for a  home roasted brew, or try an espresso at Yamabagel in the lobby of Link Murayama.

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